Webinar length: 1hr

Focus on Strategic Priorities and let AI do the grunt work

Dean Holmes
Vice President Alliances, LiveArea

Global Strategy Director, BloomReach



Customers demand you know what they want before they do. AI allows you to respond to their current intent while freeing you up to focus on strategic priorities. Use AI to expand the reach of your team to achieve great results.

LiveArea and BloomReach have teamed up to help you identify business priorities that AI can support. Harness the power of algorithms to expand 1-1 personalization to the entire shopping experience.

Hear from our experts Dean Holmes, Vice President Alliances at LiveArea and Manley, Global Strategy Director at BloomReach as they share their decades of collective experience in helping shape enterprise companies meet the needs of the future.

Watch the webinar to demystify AI through:

  • Understanding why AI is important to enabling humans to scale their work
  • How AI is being leveraged in marketing today
  • And Use Cases for when to apply machine learning algorithms

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