Webinar recorded on July 16, 2020 | Webinar length: 24 min

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40-50% of Direct Supply's site visitors conduct a site search. However, its website was unimaginative and it was hard to find products. Therefore, Direct Supply made site search its top priority to demonstrate its expertise through delivering the exact products that site visitors are looking for.

Learn how Direct Supply used Bloomreach Search and Merchandising to boost product discoverability and revenue, and to successfully manage product listings on its sites without additional manual effort.

You'll learn

  • What challenges did Direct Supply face with product discoverability?
  • How has a focus on AI-powered search and ease-of-use led to a revenue increase for Direct Supply and a drop in no show results to under 3%?
  • What lessons has the Covid-19 pandemic taught the team and how will they continue to innovate and improve the online experience?