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Content Marketing: Developing Relevance using a Full Spectrum of Content

How do you prove that your content is relevant? It takes more than a few thoughtful articles or optimizing your top pages to gain prevalence across today's sophisticated search engines. 

BloomReach and Relevance outline the practical tactics you can execute to develop relevance across the full spectrum of content marketing. Learn how to:

  • Develop useful and unique editorial content
  • Identify gaps in your commercial content
  • Increase findability by improving your site’s architecture 
  • Ways to earn editorial coverage
  • Measure returns on your content marketing efforts

Relevance is a content promotion and off-site SEO agency that serves enterprise-sized companies. 

About the Speaker:
Mitch Briggs is a Client Success Director at Relevance. With over eight years of digital marketing experience, he and his team has helped double, triple and even, quadruple client website traffic in short periods of time. A frequent writer on, his expertise has been viewed and shared thousands of times across the Internet.Relevance

BloomReach’s Big Data Marketing Applications maximize revenues by making relevant products  easier to find, acquiring new users and creating better experiences.

About the Speaker:
Vache Moroyan is Product Manager for BloomReach Organic Search. Vache's extensive SEO expertise makes him perfect to help shape and execute the vision of BloomReach’s Organic Search product. He is instrumental in helping make our customers’ products more discoverable. BloomReach

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BloomReach’s big data applications and technology drive revenue by consuming web wide and site data to interpret consumer demand and deliver relevant user experiences on any marketing channel.