Success in today’s commerce market requires your team to make fast decisions that scale in order to encourage consumers to shop, buy and return to your site.

The set of technologies you are using today are disparate and disjointed, slowing down your process and making it challenging to make fast decisions and serve tailored experiences to customers. How, then, can you create a seamless user experience?

Come hear from BloomReach's Will Uppington and Heather Thompson from UncommonGoods as they talk about BloomReach Personalization - the end-to-end solution for your merchandising and site search teams. Learn how you can bring together the power of algorithms and advanced intelligent tools to enable your team to create relevant brand experiences at scale. Also hear how UncommonGoods is using BloomReach Personalization to inspire and convert customers.

Will Uppington
Chief Product and Strategy Officer, BloomReach

Heather Thompson
Sr. Product Manager, UncommonGoods

Niran Kundapur
Head of Search & Platform

Niran is a product leader on all of BloomReach’s search, suggest and personalization algorithmic features, as well as all the platform, including integrations, infrastructure and global language.

Wenjia Zhu
Senior Product Manager

Wenjia leads product for Insights, which provides actionable analytics for better commerce experiences.