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eCommerce Cookbook

Organic search is one of the most valuable and lucrative tools for acquiring new customers. Organic search results are trusted; and if your content is done right, they can deliver more relevant content once clicked. While paid search is a must-have as an important marketing acquisition channel, it is just as important to invest in organic search.

Organic search delivers high-quality traffic and revenue with a high contribution margin. But organic search is hard, and it’s getting harder. To win at it, you’ll need to make three changes to your content strategy:

  1. Create quality content that people want.
  2. Employ algorithmic, machine learning technology to get content found in organic search.
  3. Go beyond ad metrics to evaluate performance on the previous two strategies.

This Cookbook explains why succeeding with organic search is so important. It also guides you on how you can put your business in the driver’s seat as it continues to evolve while helping you achieve your next level of growth.