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It’s long past time to stop talking about the rise of the machines.

They have risen. They are here. And they are insinuating themselves into our lives at a rapidly accelerating pace. Barely a day goes by without some new twist on a theme that was once framed as “man vs. machine,” shorthand for the tension between the reliance on intuition and instinct versus a blind acceptance of computer-created decisions.

The time has come for détente; to turn toward human + machine and a world where human abilities are amplified in ways we once only dreamed of. This eBook will:

  • trace the growing importance of machines in solving business problems and the corollary need to resist being blinded by the power of computing.
  • provide concrete examples of solutions that combine the best of humans and machines to solve everyday problems.
  • suggest guidelines for deciding how to balance human skills and machine capabilities to best tackle the task at hand.

Human+Machine ebook

Taking the best of both - the best of humans and the best of the machines - can lead to accomplishments that neither could achieve on its own. The truth is that in the end, machines amplify human potential.