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BloomReach approaches one of e-commerce's biggest challenges with its Web Relevance Engine (WRE), a machine-learning technology that powers the Personalized Discovery Platform, a set of tools that:

  • guides consumers to the content that they seek.
  • powers the search and navigation on individual sites, personalizing the results, categories and recommendations they receive, while creating a connection among all the digital devices a single searcher might use during a search.
  • gives merchants and site owners actionable insights into improving content performance based on the way visitors to their sites interact with content on the site.

The Web Relevance Engine By The Numbers:

  • Number of Pages Processed Per Day: 100 million
  • The Amount of Data Processed Per Day: 5-10 terabytes
  • Number of Hadoop Jobs Per Day: 5,000-6,000
  • Number of Synonym Pairs in the WRE: 10 billion
  • Number of Consumer Interactions Seen Per Day:150 million
  • The Number of Different Colors the WRE Understands:1,077


At its core, one of the biggest challenges that e-commerce sites face is connecting supply with demand. It’s a big data problem that the WRE is uniquely capable of solving.